Family Law Family Law

Persons with Family Law issues often face the most difficult time in their lives, with a combination of personal, family and financial crises. They require a lawyer who can provide compassionate, calm, and common sense advice, and make the best choices for each client's particular needs.

Wills and Estates Wills and Estates

Although everyone should avail themselves of this legal service, too often it is only sought following some type of crisis. Wills are complex legal documents and must be expertly crafted to ensure your loved ones know how you would like your matters dealt with.

Child Protection Child Protection

Kate Anderson brings the unique experience of having worked on the other side of child protection cases as legal counsel for Family and Children’s Services in Brockville for nine years.

The Law Office of Kate C. Anderson

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The Law Office of Kate C. Anderson serves the Brockville region with a range of legal services to meet the needs of individuals and their families, focusing on the areas of family law, child protection, and wills and estates.

Our office understands that families have to think carefully about how to best allocate their finances to meet their family’s needs. Sometimes, those priorities must include paying a lawyer to resolve the issues they care about most. When they do, they want to ensure that their money is well spent on expertise, commitment, and skill.